Quality, Safety, Environment (QSE) Policy and Nuclear Safety

Quality, OH&S, protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and nuclear safety are key elements of
our culture.”

SEGAULT builds and manufactures special valves for extreme services in various domains such as nuclear, petrochemical or aeronautics tests benches. The company undertakes efforts in implementing a quality management system for quality, health, occupational health and safety as well as nuclear safety.

This policy is based on core values such as integrity, reliability and honesty.

Based on ISO 9001 standards (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety), ISO 14001 (Environment) and GS-R-3 (nuclear safety, IEA), this policy is endorsed by the management, the supervisory staff and the employees in order to ensure compliance with our commitments.

It ensures process control, work organization, resource management and a professional, healthy and safe work environment for all its employees, visitors and staff from external companies.

Commitments to Quality, OH&S and Environment (QSE) policy are the following:

  • Create a culture that promotes quality, safety and environment, which is based on well-defined responsibilities and a clear commitment at all levels;
  • Ensure that the working conditions and behaviours comply with all legal, applicable and internal requirements;
  • Develop methods and appropriate tools to identify and reduce the risks related to process and work environment so as to prevent failures, environmental damage, bodily harm as well as health and environmental effects;
  • Continually improve practices by assessing them regularly and by establishing indicators to measure process performance;
  • Ensure that the systems are adequate, effective and in consistency with the goals set and communicate these objectives to all personnel and all relevant interested parties (internal and external);
  • Ensure adequate training of employees allowing them to better understand their role and their involvement in the systems;
  • Ensure that employees are informed of the risks that might be present in their working environment with suitable equipment in order to protect themselves;
  • Allocate resources to the implementation of actions required for achieving the policy and instructions mentioned above;
  • Ensure the protection of the environment (biodiversity and ecosystem).

The specific commitments for nuclear safety that apply to products specifically designed for the nuclear sector are the following:

  • Create a “safety culture” which is based on well-defined responsibilities and clear commitments at all levels;
  • Train and raise staff awareness with a role to play on nuclear safety and to “this safety culture”;
  • Ensure the qualification and training of the teams;
  • Organize independent audits and controls;
  • Promote transparency;
  • Comply with regulations and internal requirements;
  • Develop an appropriate management to reduce the risks;
  • Continually improve practices;
  • Allocate the necessary resources to implement the instructions mentioned above.