Engineering is based on the technological skills of the SEGAULT Ingénierie company, which was integrated into the SEGAULT company in 2007. Our activity specializes in two major areas :

  • Technological engineering in rational conduct of fluids with design and implementation of high potential projects,
  • Functional safety of electromecanical systems distributing fluids.

Our services conceive and implement :

  • complex fluid circuits, taking into account : homogeneous problems, efforts, regulations, pressure loss, accoustics and thermal exchanges based on fluid simulation calculations.
  • safety analyses with implementation of concerned operational systems.

Safety System to Moderate the Fall of a Nuclear Missile

Carry out of a safety system that moderates type M51 nuclear missile fall in case of an accident during loading.

Quick Acting Globe Valve

  • Range : DN50
  • Fluid : Air with possible kerosene residue
  • Temperature : 860°K
  • Pressure : 30 bar
  • Performances : Full opening on less than 10 ms including instructions treatment, opening of the valve, limit switches integration time and their treatment by instrumentation and control system
  • Hydraulic actuator
  • Control : Integrated instrumentation and control system
  • References : Jet engine test on ILA test bench (Stuttgart)

Control Valve

  • Range :DN150
  • Temperature : 680°
  • Pressure : 45 bar
  • References : Test bench for engine ageing